What is the simian line in Palmistry?

Simian Line


The vertical straight line that can be seen on the palm instead of the head line and the heart line which denote thoughts and feelings respectively is named as the simian line. In other words, that rare simian line represents a combination of the heart line and head line that is found in most people’s hands. Therefore, when talking about this line, it is necessary to understand the aspects which denote from both the heart line and the head line. Herewith, a photo of the hand with the simian line has been included to help you identify the line. The simian line appears to be as small as 2% of the population. In more than four decades of my experience of palm reading, less than 100 people with this line have been found.

The people those who have the simian line have excellent personnel management skills, creative abilities, artistic abilities or the ability to innovate and have the imagination. Among the people I have met were architects, doctors, inventors, religious leaders, heads of military forces, owners of leading businesses, heads of institutions, and a few who have failed in their lives.

When talking about the simian line, some people say that he/she is an unsuccessful in the life. Often, it is the lack of the job that meets the requirements and their qualifications, the job of a badly regulated institution, and the failure to obey the orders of higher officials. In other words, a person with the simian line obeys only his command and he/she is always a master. People who work for themselves or self-employed businesses are the best suited for such people because they always want to do what they want.

Simply, when the leaders have this line, they are successful in the life, while the controlled people those who have that line often fail. We hope to share our ideas and experience with you in the subject of Palmistry like this as time goes on and send us your suggestions on this article. Subscribe our YouTube channel to watch the videos and to find out more about us. May the Triple Gem Bless You.

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