Hessonite Garnet (Cinnamon Stone)

Hessonite Garnet (Cinnamon Stone)

There are more varieties of Grossular (Calcium Aluminium Silicate) garnets. The reddish brown variety is called Hessonite Garnet. This variety is coloured by Manganese and Iron impurities and is mostly found as dodecahedral (12 facets) crystals.

                                                                         Crystal Shape

Gem quality Hessonites have been found in Italy, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Canada and USA. However, Inexpensive, beautiful jewelry can be manufactured by using Hessonite Garnet such as rings, earrings and pendents.

                                                           Hessonite Garnet studded Jewelry

Why the Hesssonite Garnet is used?

  1. This stone is used to wear as the birthstone of January.
  2. In Astrology, it is believed that malefic effects of Dragon’s Head can be attenuated when the stone is worn.
  3. It is considered as the symbol of the Second wedding anniversary.
-Janaka Herath 

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