Lord of the Aries – Mars (if the House Lord is powerful then his/her life is also powerful)
Lord of Taurus – Venus (if Venus is powerful in a good place his/her life is very pleasant)
Lord of Gemini – Mercury (if mercury is powerful he/she will be an intelligent man or a woman)
Lord of Cancer – Moon (if the moon is powerful he/she will be calm)
Lord of Leo – Sun (if the sun is powerful in Leo he/she will be a leader/ army commander)
Lord of Virgo – Mercury (powerful and good hearted person)
Lord of Libra – Venus ( if Venus is powerful life is very good)
Lord of Scorpio – Mars ( if Mars is powerful he/she can be a leader, army commander and he/she can have property)
Lord of Sagittarius – Jupiter (if Jupiter is powerful he/she will be educated and will gain good knowledge )
Lord of Pisces – Jupiter
Lord of Capricorn and Aquarius – Saturn (if Saturn is powerful or good, he/she will be a good man or a woman and practice morality and he/she does not harm others and he/she will practice meditation. If Saturn is bad he/she will do bad things and he/she will harm others. If Saturn is very weak his/her life won’t be good rather than suffering)

The field of Astrology is one that is old and has a following in Sri Lanka amongst Sri Lankans from all strata of Sri Lankan society. But it is not the only field of prediction that is popular in Sri Lanka. Palmistry is another practice that is highly sought by people.

Daily News met up with well- known Astrologer and Palm reader Deshabandhu Senerath Liyanaarachchi to understand a little more about these fields.

The Ring of Solomon

Palmistry is another ancient belief that takes years to master. Daily News spoke to Palmist Deshabandu Senerath Liyanaarachchi to find out a little bit about Palmistry.

“There are some people who profess knowledge of Palmistry after learning it for two or three days. It is these very same people who teach everything that is wrong! They don’t have experience or knowledge. Ideally you have to study it for 10 or 15 years.

This is something that was there since the beginning of recorded history. This can be traced to the civilizations of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. It also spread to Babylonia from India.

Palmistry has also been there during the time of Lord Buddha. When Siddhartha Gautama was an infant, the Ascetic Asitha read his palm and predicted Prince Siddhartha would be the Buddha,” said Liyanaarachchi.

Palmistry is something that is very accurate and accepted as reliable. It is a practical Art. To properly master this craft one needs to have some knowledge of Astrology as well. To be able to read the horoscope and the palm is a combination that is important for an accurate prediction.

“From my childhood I had a zest for learning astrology because my parents had knowledge of Astrology. My passion to learn whether Astrology is real is what led me to study Palmistry. There is an interconnection between these two arts. To understand Palmistry one must be dedicated and diligent and must be willing to learn for an extended period of time. Palmistry requires talent. If you have talent, experience and dedication then you can make it.

There is pattern on the palm called the Ring of Solomon. If one has this feature they will be talented in the art of Palmistry. Someone who has the Ring of Solomon can also be a doctor. So I choose my pupils carefully,” he added.

Extremely useful

Liyanaarachchi also showed me a horoscope that belonged to somebody who has died. “The wife of this person met me. She told me that the horoscope predicted her husband’s death and he died at the exact date. This could also have been predicted through palmistry. If you take the lady’s hand the marriage line was joined to the heart line. That indicated the death. So if we saw this in advance then we would look if this was there in his horoscope. So there is a comparison between the horoscope and palm reading.

Palmistry can be extremely useful in preventing distress in society. It is like a newspaper that appears before the day the calamity actually happens!” he said.

“In Sri Lanka there are a lot of suicides. However, through Palmistry this can be avoided through early detection. So we can make an effort to prevent this. Through reading palmistry so many things can be done and accomplished,” added Liyanaarachchi.

The beauty of palm reading is that the lines can be changed, although not the main lines. If someone turns to the side of good, there can be a change. This is dependent on our mental power. We can choose to be a good person. We can choose to become an alcoholic. So the lines can change.

Not all lines can be changed by mental energy. The thumb shows the power of that person’s brain, and this can be seen. That is something that cannot be changed. With the power of religion ones thoughts are affected and the lines can be changed. It is not the fact that we are practicing different religions, it is the fact that religion is not practiced at all. The main lines cannot be changed such as the life line but certain things can be changed.



Evil influences

Palmistry has a history of almost 5000 years. According to Liyanaarachchi it was further developed by Englishman Cheiro who visited India who wrote a number of books: ‘Cheiro’s Guide to the Hand’ and ‘Cheiro’s Palmistry for All.’ Liyanaarachchi developed his knowledge from these books and in 1972 with some partners translated it into Sinhala.

Astrologer, Deshabandhu Senarath Liyana Arachchi


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Discussion with Ishara Jayawardane (Daily News 07th October 2014)

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