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Astrologer, Senarath Liyana Arachchi is available on Weekdays and Weekends at the Pannipitiya office. Call 0773026302 for more information.

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Senarath Liyana Arachchi

Deshabandhu Senarath Liyana Arachchi owns Sithbendirekha Astrology Service. He has been practicing Astrology since 1972. So far, he has read nearly 70,000 horoscopes and palms.  We are located in Pannipitiya and Batuwatte.

What your Palms say about you? [Subtitles Added]

Daily Rahu Periods (Assumption: Sunrise is at 6.00 am)-Monday 7.30-9.00 am/pm, Tuesday 3.00-4.30 am/pm, Wednesday 12.00-01.30 am/pm, Thursday 01.30-3.00 am/pm, Friday 10.30-12.00 am/pm, Saturday 9.00-10.30 am/pm, Sunday 4.30-6.00 am/pm

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What People Say
"One of my friends recommended you to get my horoscope checked and I got to know that you do palm reading too"
16th April 2020
"Thank you very much for the prompt reply. Highly appreciated and impressed by the readings. "
PLK (Colombo)
25th April 2020
"Thank you very much. I am amazed by your reading of my character which no one else nailed so far. "
TS (Colombo)
03rd May 2020
"I got few books, 1st one by - Dr.K.G's, Cheiro's, V A K Ayer's, from 2 Americans, Marie Simone,..kept my interest on the subjects then lately after seeing your Prog's on (SL TV Channels), only realized how accurate & precise your method is by combining both!.. We are fortunate to get your services/training classes & above all Your Honest, Unselfish Effort conveying your Knowledge to Our Society - is quite admirable! My stuff is "Spot On"..wonder you see me 'live' Psychic abilities too?.. with so much 'Talents' in you, blessed with renowned Parents & Family Ancestry..we are being benefited wholeheartedly! 'Hats off' to your Techno Staff too!..had done a 'Great Job' with the Book/DVD's - Presentations! Thanks again for everything! "
LV (Canada)
14th January 2020
"Thanks Mr. Liyanarachchi. You are the best. What u you have said is 100% correct."
I (Abu Dhabi)
17th May 2020
"appreciate your service"
SA (Kandy)
22nd May 2020
"Thank you so much for the quick response. Really appreciate it and will be in touch."
21st June 2020
"Thank you Mr Senarath. You have read all 4 horoscopes including my 2 children. Most of the things you said were true. Thank you. Whenever we come to SL. We will visit you. Best wishes"
D (UK)
09th July 2020

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Our story

Sithbendirekha Astrology Service is one of the well-known astrological and palm reading services in Sri Lanka. The main objective of our service is to provide solutions and consultation for your astrological needs;

Our Services

  • Horoscope and Palm Readings
  • Naming for New-Born Babies
  • Horoscope Compatibility for the Marriage
  • Auspicious Times
  • all other astrological services

The astrologer, Senarath Liyana Arachchi is descended from Astrology practice family. The ‘Epa Almanac’ is the well-known astrological book which has been publishing since 1855 in Sri Lanka. Don Philip De Silva Epa Appuhamy, the founder of the Epa almanac was the grandfather ex parte maternal for the astrologer. Further, the paternal generation of the astrologer has been holding the guardianship of the temple which is dedicated to the goddess “Paththini” in “Pitigala” village for more than 400 years. He was nurturing in an astrological environment since the birth where the well-informed astrologists were being associated well.  He has been practicing astrology and palmistry since 1972.

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