Is there any value in palm reading?

The palm analysis is an ancient way of understanding about human being with the help of the shape, complexion and lines of the palm. Some people have carried out researches regarding Palmistry in order to find out whether it has a truth. Most of the people criticize occult sciences without any study. They have concluded all the occult sciences as superstitious. If you can read “Cheiro’s Guide to the Hand, You and Your Hand”, “Cheiro’s Palmistry for All” and other related books, you yourself can study about Palmistry. Palmistry has been practiced not only in Eastern but in Western countries also. Anyway, I have been reading thousands of palms since 1973. In this article, I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you. This article is consisted with the things that you know about your life such as Accidents, Wealth, Ability to migrate and Health respectively. You can check your friends’ palms and try to tell something about their lives.

01. Accidents

The area underneath the middle finger is called Mount of  Saturn. If you have a line on the mount of Saturn as mentioned in the above Figure in the left, you should be very  careful when you are traveling as you would be met with an accident. That line should be thicker at the beginning than the end. Further, you should be careful when three main lines (Life Line, Head Line and Heart Line) are started from a single point as mentioned in the above Figure in the right. It shows the ability to meet with accidents. In other words, it means you are a turbulent person. Furthermore, you would meet with accidents when those main three lines are broken.

02. Wealth

If you have following features on your palm, you have an ability to have a good economy; When the all mounts are rounded and in rose color, When the Ring finger is fleshy and longer than the Pointer, When a few inclined lines are on the mount of Mercury as shown in the above figure (Wealth Lines), Upward lines from the Fate Line and the Life Line, If you have a Square shaped palm, If you have two parallel lines of Sun, If you can see signs such as conch shell, fish, trident, flag, tusker, horse and cobra on your palm, You would be rich or you have a fortune to have a sudden wealth. In addition to that having the following features on your fingers you are able to have a sudden wealth;  When the top joint of the pinkie is bent towards the ring finger and If there is an eye-shaped or an island on the middle joint of the middle finger

03. Migration

If you have following features on your palm, you are able to migrate or travel abroad. A line goes to the mount of moon from the life line (as shown in the figure-L), horizontal lines on the mount of Moon (as shown in the figure-R)the end of the life line is bent towards the mount of Moon, upward lines from the bracelet lines

04. Health

Pre-identification is very important in terms of diseases. There is an ability to pre-identify many diseases by reading the palm such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Head, eye, nerve and abdominal issues. If you can identify these diseases, you can prevent from diseases rather than cure:
When you check your nails regularly, you will see some changes in complexion. Also you will see many nail-stains and very large lunula (the white area at the base of a fingernail). Some people do not have this lunula. Hence, we can identify those people have poor immunity system.
Health line is also a good indication of diseases. If you do not have a health line you do not want to worry about diseases. But if you have a distorted health line (Figure-L), your physique is weak. If there are island shapes on the health line by the mount of Mercury, you will be suffering from headaches. If there are island shapes on the health line between heart line and head line, you will have cardiac issues. If you can see island shapes on the health line under the head line (Figure-R), it is an indication of abdominal diseases. If there is an island shape at the end of life line, it means your body is in sweltering condition. Further, if you can see island shapes on the head line, you will be suffering from headaches. If your ring finger is very lean, it indicates the issues in nerve system or the nerve system will be debilitated. An island shape is on the heart line underneath the ring finger indicates issues in the opposite eye. In other words, if this feature is on right hand, you have that issue in left eye and vise-versa. Furthermore, if all the main lines are chain shaped, it indicates that you have a weak body. Likewise, many things can be told with the help of palmistry.
In this article, I might have used the terms that you are not aware of as it is difficult to explain every mount and every line of Palmistry. Therefore, please visit my website ( or the blog in the web and Facebook page (Senarath Liyana Arachchi) and find the basics of Palmistry. Your comments are highly appreciated. Thank you.
-Deshabandhu Senarath Liyana Arachchi (+94727026302) Watch our video in sinhala (Click Here)
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