Available Online Service: HOROSCOPE & PALM READING dial (+94)773026302 for more information. Further, this online services is available in සිංහල, தமிழ், English and हिन्दी

In order to get your horoscope and palm read, fill in the details on the right side column and submit. Upload photos that clearly show your both palms.

Account Details

  • Bank: Sampath Bank
  • Branch: Old Moor Street
  • Name: L A Senarath
  • Account Number: 102 754 526 942
  • Swift Code: BSAMLKLX

Other Payment Options

Call +94773113580 for more information.


NB: Please enter the new time (Those who born between 26 May 1996 and 14 April 2006)
Briefly state what you need to know.
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Upload photos that clearly show your both palms

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